January Meeting

Thursday, January 28th

Amy Clark Event Banner 2016-2

Happy New Year!

This month we are meeting at the usual time (6:30 PM) on the usual day (4th Thursday of the month), but at a NEW location:

Picante Grill
3810 Broadway

We have the great fortune to have Amy Clark, Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas and a Young Republican, as our keynote speaker. She serves on the new committee seeking more input from the grassroots on the state party platform process. (The 30-page, 1,124 words—not including the table of contents and list of committee members, Texas Republican Party Platform.) She is very knowledgeable about the convention process and our state party structure, so this is a great chance to ask the questions you have about going and goings-on.

We will also be having our election of club officers for 2016, of club members who were nominated on or before January 21st.

All aboard for an epic presidential year!

Final note:  Go, John Lujan!!!!