May 2016 Meeting – Getting Schooled on the Electoral College

electoral college banner

Join us at
Picante Grill
3810 Broadway (across the street from the Witte Museum)
at 6:30 PM
on Thursday, May 26th.

This month of this electrifying election year our speaker is Curt Nelson, former chairman of the Republican Party of Bexar County, and now our elector for Congressional District 21.

If you know little to nothing about the Electoral College, you’re not alone.

Who are these elite who cast our vote?

How are the chosen few, chosen?

Where is it?

What does my vote have to do with it?

Do Democrat and Republican electors both vote there?

How is an elector’s vote decided?

Are they free to vote how they want, or how we want?

What is the purpose and how does it work?

There is no charge to attend our meeting, all Republicans are welcome, and food and drinks are available to order from the menu.  See you there!