National Chairman Emert Speaks About the Party’s Losing Millennials

September 18, 2017

From the National Young Republican Federation:

Chairman Emert spoke to the National Federation of Republican Women about the need for working together to bring more people into our party.


This weekend I had the honor to speak to over a thousand Republican women at the 39th Biennial National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Convention representing the Young Republican National Federation. I spoke about the need of bringing in more millennials to our party as many in our generation have left the party. (See Pew Survey results). In fact, my call to action at the Convention was written about in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning.

“The [NFRW] is working to reach out to younger voters, too. On Sunday, Jason Emert, the national head of the Young Republicans, reminded the room that in the last two years, 23 percent of Republicans under 30 have defected to the Democratic Party. “That’s unacceptable,” he said. He told the largely middle-aged, largely white crowd that younger generations are the most diverse the country has ever seen, and that the party must work to reflect them, too.” Read the full article here.

The Republican Party cannot afford to lose our generation. We must collaborate within our party to engage with more millennials and broaden our base. We can’t do this without your help.

Will you help us?

Your contribution of $10, $25, $50 or $100 will help us with our mission. Please consider contributing to saving future Republican Majorities here:

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Jason F. Emert
Young Republican National Federation

June 2017 Meeting – Summer Session Sizzler

We had a great time at the Lion & Rose in Universal City this time, learning a lot from young republican colleagues. First we heard from Senator Donna Campbell’s Communications Director, Nathan McDaniel, and then SREC Committeeman and Conservative Researcher, Mike Goldman.  We are all looking forward to good things coming out of the special summer session Governor Abbott has called.

October Meeting – Last One Before Election 2016!

Thursday, October 27th at 6:30 PM
Picante Grill, 3810 Broadway


We’re in the final countdown to the 2016 election, and while all eyes may be on the presidential race, discerning voters are equally interested in the rest of the ballot, where candidates are running to fill positions that affect our lives more directly.  One such candidate is Susan Narvaiz, former mayor of San Marcos, who is running to bring integrity back to Congress. The 35th Congressional district has long deserved an improvement in representation, and Mrs. Narvaiz will tell us what better representation can entail. Candidates from other races on the ballot can be expected at our meeting as well, so you will be able to put faces to names on the ballot and form your opinions based on personal experience with those running, so you can attest to their qualifications to your neighbors and co-workers.

We’ve got to do what it takes to get all the like-minded people we know to get out and vote from the top of the ballot to the bottom!